One Handed Mamba

One Handed Mamba

Sometimes you just want to play around with the camera and have fun, right? I think sometimes that is when a good accident occurs and the photo effect is more interesting than a clean image of the same moment.

In low light conditions the conventional school of thought is to use a tripod and long exposure time, with perhaps a flash or other controlled lighting depending on what you want. I did not have that equipment with me but wanted to shoot away nonetheless.

I was shooting at ISO 400, and like 200, to me is always vivid especially in low light. The shots were hand-held. I knew movement would be captured and the result would be a fun surprise. In my opinion, this is one way you can capture shots that take a creative license and explore the dynamics of the still image.

I titled this “One Handed Mamba” because the bowler here is wearing a splint on his other arm and he nicknamed himself that. He also easily outscored me that night but this photo, along with a few others, made all the gutter balls worth it.


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