Rose Garden Amphitheater

Portland International Rose Garden Amphitheater worker

On a cloudy morning not long ago I decided to visit the Portland International Rose Test Garden and focus on captures that I could submit for a NYIP project. The goal was framing and lines, basically composition and good exposure. I shot a bunch around the rose garden and the result was nice, but it felt standard to me, because the rose garden is a high traffic local and tourist destination. Don’t misunderstand, you would probably love it and have a great time with your camera.

That said, there are already many good shots of roses and rows of rose bushes out there. So I went looking for something more. I put the tripod away and went hand-held and wanderlust around the grounds, just looking for something or someone different.

I’ve always known about the outdoor amphitheater there and figured in the very least it would make for an interesting landscape with the curved lines you see. What I didn’t bargain for was a woman with pink hair coming straight for me with a mower. Then again, there is nothing surprising or odd about that in this day and age. Nonetheless, it was the different slice-of-life and depth I was looking for.

I love this photo not just for the curved leading lines and the grass providing a nice backdrop, I also love what she represents and that is a woman doing what is generally considered a mans job. How often do you see lawn mower commercials aimed at women instead of men? Never, I think.

Who knows? Perhaps she doesn’t like her job. Maybe she was thinking of her plans for the weekend. Perhaps she really enjoys the work she does for the rose garden. I do know one thing is for sure, out of all the photos I shot that day this one is my favorite.

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