Demolition Derby Day

Truck tug of war photo. Demolition Derby day in Banks, Oregon.

Tug of War in 55mm.

Banks is a small town in Oregon that on most days is a bit sleepy, yet polite, and a fine place to start a bicycle ride in the country. But on a hot Sunday afternoon last week the town came alive for a tractor pull competition and a combine demolition derby of all things.

Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on motor sports such as this and I don’t live in this town. What I do have is a press pass and camera, which gave me access to the infield of the track. Always looking for something off the beaten path and being a lover of the vibrant in life, this was an action photography shoot that was a lot of fun to do.

Combine Demolition Derby in Banks, Oregon

If you look closely at the nearest combine, you can see the reflection of its cab in the dust.

For many of the shots I chose a 55mm focal length because I discovered that, for one reason or another, when combined with ISO 200 in bright sun the color pops. This tends to be true whether a polarizing filter is used (it was here). And this event was delightfully saturated with color to begin with.

Adventures in new places, such as this, is why I got into photography.

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