Adventures in Architecture

There is personality in architecture, even in the suburbs. It’s counterintuitive, but the suburbs with its available land sometimes has the most interesting new buildings, albeit strip malls are not likely to win the awards. Some folks are left squeamish by corporate offices, but if you really look you’ll notice that some modern architects are at the top of their game.

Which brings us to old architecture, where personality meets history. Each is part of a novel that is a city, with individual stories and characters wrapped in each. I could go on about architecture photography technique and how much fun a PC lens is. I could write something about the artistry of lines and the geometry around us. But that is the surface.

Architecture, like any design, was someone’s expression and is the cultural identity of a community. Perhaps it is not so simple anymore. Not with associations, zoning, vetting this and vetting that, etc. A lot people just walk by and don’t notice. Yet it still manages to keep going and it’s worth looking at.

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