Real Estate Photography


Two weeks ago I had the privilege to be on a real estate photography assignment on Center Island, located in the San Juan Islands. Exterior and interior shots were captured, both during the day and night. The goal was to cover everything around the entire lot and home, and there was plenty of good stuff to photograph. There was a private dock, and public dock, a nice deck with a view – and spa! – a high ceiling A-frame living room with stained glass on top. One of my favorites is a jewel of a view from the loft (see above).

For good measure I included lifestyle shots of island culture, since that is part of what a new home buyer will be attracted to. Such slice-of-life scenes as people commuting by boat, going out into the bay with crab cages, and kayaks were all well documented.

As for the home interiors and exteriors, I mostly relied on my Sony a7 full frame camera and a Zeiss 35mm lens. Everything shot used window light, and standard home lights when necessary, to give the interiors a natural look. My tripod and remote shutter were put to good use as well. A lot of work was put in before the photo to make sure the scene was clean, tidy, and without a lot of busy or unnecessary distractions. Also, I wanted to make sure the photos weren’t “dated” in that they could be used for awhile, should it be necessary, because selling a location like this is perhaps a longer sales cycle than normal.

The whole project was worthwhile, of course, and something I’m very proud of. I look forward to seeing the photos on the real estate network and how it helps the realtor and seller. It was a photography paradise.


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