Bird on a Wire

lomography photo of bird on a wire art by paul ottaviano

“Like a bird on the wire… I have tried in my way to be free… ”

– Leonard Cohen, “Bird On The Wire”

I recently listened to this song again, after many years. Like a good old friend who you haven’t seen in a long while, it came at a welcome time, and was familiar and refreshing all the same. The lyrics have been haunting me since, but not in a disturbing way. It feels more like a reminder that we’re all human, and within that humanity, in all of its murky corners and beautiful moments, the true at heart are all yearning for the same thing.

3 thoughts on “Bird on a Wire”

  1. Waaaaaaaay back here in my hometown; there was a lounge. It was dark with old furniture to sit on. A great way to escape the overload going on at the nearby dance clubs.

    In the corner was an old juke box. There I discovered Leonard Cohen. The kind of music that sticks to you.

    I need to dig up some of his music I do think.

    Thanks for the reminder!

      1. Sadly, it is long defunct. The strip of buildings it was in was sold off and it became a larger bar/sports bar complex.

        The end of an original. Sadly, next to it was a late night coffee shop that also sold the best cheese cake. Another loss.

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