Shadow Bocce

blue bocce balls and shadows on sand court

Coherence ⇠⇢ Correlation ⇠⇢Randomness↩︎ is natural, we’re told by complexity scientists. I’m not qualified to bring any rigor to this theory. But from my laypersons viewpoint, it passes the intuition test.

We live in a reductionist world that seems bent towards fitting all into a coherence. If complexity students are correct, this is unnatural. No wonder we find ourselves trapped by arguments over correlations, within random dynamics.

Still imagery focuses on interstitial currents, weaving through complex systems. Random moments, for example, which is what makes street photography purposeful to me.

Or, take this random still life of sorts. Does it mix into a coherence? Is there a correlation between the bounce on a sand pebble court, and then how it spins when approaching another ball?

Coherence is the ball. Everything else in this game is a wild mix of tactics, technique, and how it correlates with chance. Anyone who has played sports, knows this.

Yet see the spaces in-between, and how the shadows fall. Interstitial binds the random⇠⇢correlative⇠⇢coherent↩︎ natural elements into a discerned pattern. This is a picture worth stopping time for, whatever others may deem it worth.

Look closer and it’s more complex, not less. There are infinite possibilities. The game itself is an absurdity, albeit a fun one with a bottle of wine, that teases your delusions of knowing all.

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