I’m an independent photographer in the Portland, OR metro area.

Image making is something I started doing because I see the world around us as a kinetic tapestry waiting for spontaneous moments to be captured.

I view the still image as a place for exploration. Here you will read about my views on the medium, as I go about my own journey. Along the way you will see some of my work.

As to this blog…

I’m a photographer who sometimes blogs, but I’m not a Blogger.

I don’t care about SEO too much here. Likes are nice and appreciated, but I’m not in it for the like numbers. I’m happy to see comments, but I cannot say this blog is about creating my own community. I post sporadically.

Nonetheless, if something I write or an image has some modicum of positive impact on you or spurs thought among your friends, then I consider this a success. No metric is needed for that. Butterfly effect, as they say.

This is my semipublic photography journal, written conversationally and only when I want to. It’s about flushing out ideas of being an image maker in the current times we live. Other times I simply feel like sharing a photo.

In other words, this is where you can get to know me as a photographer as much is realistically possible, without actually spending time in-person. It’s also how I get to know myself, as an image maker. This thing of ours, after all, is dynamic and forever in transitional change. There is always something to learn.

I don’t expect huge readership, but those of you who visit will be treated to honesty and broader arcs.

For more of my work or to contact me, please visit my website.

Thank you for reading.

Copyleft Paul Ottaviano Photography 2013 – 2020 | If no other license is specified, then work published on the Expanding Vistas Blog by Paul Ottaviano is licensed under a Peer Production, P2P Attribution-ConditionalNonCommercial-ShareAlikeLicense

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