I’m an independent photographer in the Portland, OR metro area.

Photography is something I started doing because I see the world around us as a kinetic tapestry just waiting for spontaneous moments to be captured, be it the natural world or our cities.

I view photography as a place for exploration and discovery, not just of the art form, but also of the world and self. For what it is worth, you will read about my views and the views of others as I go about my own journey and along the way you will see some good photos.

As to this blog…

I’m a photographer who sometimes blogs, but I’m not a blogger.

I don’t care about SEO here. Liking my blog is nice and appreciated, but I’m not in it for the like numbers (I have disabled this feature). I’m happy to see comments, but I cannot say this blog is about creating community.

This blog is my semipublic photography journal, but written conversationally and only when I want to. It’s about flushing out ideas and other macro realities of being a photographer in the current times we live. Other times I just feel like sharing a photo.

In other words, this is where you can get to know me as a photographer as much is realistically possible, without actually spending time in-person. I don’t expect huge readership, but those of you who visit will be treated to honesty and broader arcs.

For more of my photography or to contact me, please visit my website. Official limited-edition digital copies for some of my photographs are available at Ascribed.

Thank you for reading.


All Photos Copyright Paul Ottaviano Photography 2018 | Creative Commons License
Expanding Vistas Blog by Paul Ottaviano is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License



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