Travailler moins, produire plus

idle washing machine photo
I don’t. Or do I? Depends on perspective.

Work less, produce more.

I’m never so enthralled with still imagery, as when I flâneur and resist the yoke of doing something.

“Doing nothing, is doing something.” – Rando Sage. Big Sur, CA.

Suggested reading:

How to Be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson. Cult classic from the aughts. Worth revisiting today.

One Window, Two Different Shots

It’s a good creative exercise to see how many ways you can shoot the same subject. I like to photograph the same window, just to see how different I can do it each time.

Above are two photos of my home studio window. Both while I stood in exactly the same spot. The results are completely different.

One obviously is the outdoor scene on a snow day. The window screen is visible, too.

The second picture is my reflection in the window, with my wall and portrait background visible. The rain water on the window shows us what is outside. If you look close, you’ll see trees as well.

Wherever you are, there is always something to photograph, and when you open your mind to it there are myriad ways to shoot the same thing.