Mythical Sea Creature

abstract landscape photo Lincoln City, OR
Lincoln City, ORĀ 
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Forest Grove

corn field landscape and tractor near Forest Grove Oregon

I went for a drive in the country late yesterday afternoon and stumbled across a valley near Forest Grove, Oregon. It was hot and dusty. Cars were zooming by on the highway. Middle-aged men were playing basketball on a nearby court with a great view. It was fun. Sometimes it pays to get lost.

Lavender Farm

lavender and tree landscape photography
Jackson School Lavender. North Plains, Ore.

Could I have cropped this photo of the tree differently? Sure. But I love it anyway. Could I have shot the landscape photo you see below later in the day, to take advantage of changing sky colors? Sure. But I love it anyway. From a subjective point-of-view, it seemed right in the moment to photograph both this way. Also, it pays to have a polarizing filter and to expose for the highlights.

I’m lucky to have scenes like this to photograph.

lavender landscape photography