South Main and Alaskan Way

street photography Seattle WA

Seattle, WA

“To portray a city is beyond ending; to begin such an effort is in itself a grave conceit. For though the portrayal may achieve its own measure of truth, it still will be no more than a rumor of the city – no more meaningful, and no more permanent.”

– W. Eugene Smith from “Pittsburgh, A Labyrinthian Walk, 1955”


Photo of Beaverton Bakery storefront

The sight of a man, just out to make his kid happy. The delicious thought of satisfying a sweet tooth. Signage, worn yet classic, standing proud as a reminder of a long history and a place in the community. Empty chairs only feet from autumn leaves, letting us know that during the longer days of the past summer people did stop and sit down and will again. Reflections in the window, always part of the scene and invitation to look closer. The simplicity of just walking in and doing something familiar, often overlooked and sometimes undervalued, but what we remember as days and years go on.