Sunset Beach

landscape photography by paul ottaviano Sunset Beach CA

Sometimes it’s very awesome to turn the camera away from a sunset. Sometimes, low ISO and a slow shutter speed makes an ordinary couple walking the beach look poetic. If I still had any lyrical chops like when I was young and impressionable, I’d write a tome on this scene and all of the feelings it conjures up for me personally. Hopefully this photo, whether it makes you think about poetry or not, gives you a sense of something good too.

Sunset Beach, CA

Sunset Highway

Sunset Landscape Photo HighwayThere are plenty of sunset photos and there are many long exposure night shots of moving traffic. But how often are the two combined at sunset? This was shot on a rural dead end road right next to Highway 26 near Helvetia, Oregon. The goal was depth-of-field if I could get it and the unpredictability of the lights you see. I metered for the sky and ground, set the exposure at somewhere in between.