West Swell

A west swell graced the west coast last week. Waves from Mexico up to the Northwest were the best of the season so far. Scanning through my Instagram feed I saw big wave photos from places like Maverick’s and exciting video footage from Southern California. I checked the surf forecast for Oregon and sure enough big waves were predicted. Knowing that Surfline is very accurate I immediately made plans to drive to the coast, with the added benefit of a rare sunny winter day.

The scenery, surfing, and waves did not disappoint. Above you’ll see a small gallery of surfing photos from my trip to Seaside, Oregon. It was a gorgeous day, the waves the best I’ve seen there, and the surfers – albeit there are bigger waves elsewhere in the world – are some of the most gutsy around.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy looking at these as much as I do.


  1. I was just “surfing” around on some sites and saw your pics and instantly knew it was Seaside. I visited some buddies who live there a few years ago and had a great time surfing P.C., Roads End, and of course the point and the cove in Seaside.

    Cool pics and hopefully some more big swells will spin off before winter ends!


    1. It was such an epic day there, felt very lucky to be there and get some shots of it. I live in the Portland metro area now, but grew up in a beach town and surfed once upon a time, so I couldn’t pass up the trip to the coast last Friday. Thank you for the nice comment.


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